Rods and Reela for sale

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Rods and Reela for sale

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:49 pm

Hi Lads,

Appear to have gathered a ridiculous amount of kit over last 2 years, have the following for sale....

3 XTA 12000's- 6 months in frequent use, all in ace order, 15lb P-Line on there, boxed and so on- 225

3 Greys Prodigy 3lb TC, as above, not sent warranty cards off so essentially yours- have bags etc, A1 order througout- 150

Daiwa Infinity 6 rod holdall, waterproof cover, good as new- 30
Hi lads- would do the lot for 350, potentially my Delkims and Armo 2 could be going up for sale in New Year due to potential relocation, any queries please PM me



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