3 rod fixed buzz bars - stainless

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3 rod fixed buzz bars - stainless

Post by The Welshman on Mon May 18, 2009 9:30 pm

Hiya lads

I've got a pair of 3 rod fixed buzz bars - stainless. I bought them off a guy off the carpforum, who said they were Reuben Heaton. Turns out, they're not Reuben's, so I've been done on that front.

Anyway, they're perfectly fine, but they are not big enough to hold 3 rods with big pit reels. So, if you've got little baitrunners, and you fancy some tarty stainless, I'm going to sell these for 20. I just paid 35 for them, so someone will get a bargain.

Happy to let you have a look, try them out etc. They're just going to sit in my garage otherwise.


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