Not Much Doing, This Weekend.

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Not Much Doing, This Weekend.

Post by The Welshman on Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:19 pm

Warm, South Westerly wind, cloudy, dropping pressure. Perfect aye? You'd have thought so.

Not much to report this weekend, as far as I'm aware. I fished Saturday night and nothing came out, despite there being 7 sets of rods angling.

Matt lost one in the Gully on Saturday morning, I believe.

Mick then put us all to shame this morning (Sunday) by landing a pristine 7lb (ish) common. Well done, mate.

The bream were on the munch, and they're obviously gearing up for "Snotter Sex", as I had a tidy (if you can call it that) bream of about 6lb this morning, which had all the breeding tubicles (sp?) on it. Now I'm not keen on them at the best of times, but this thing looked evil !!!

Anyway, I was convinced it was going to kick off this weekend. Shows what I know.

Cheers to all the lads who joined Mark and I for the social last night.

The Welshman

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