Winter Baits

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Winter Baits

Post by Lucky-13 on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:06 am

Hi guys,

Just a quick one to see if there are any more takers on the chocolate malt bait that Im knocking up, theres been a good response so far but Im looking to get rid of the last 5 kilo plus. Its a seed mix with yellow birdfood, tiger nut flour, crushed hemp, vanilla extract meal, PTX and 5% pure liver powder! Its also going to contain corn steep liquor (the proper stuff) which reacts with the natural sugars supplied by some of the dry ingredients and causes the bait to start fermenting -(at the right temperature) which obviously increases attraction as carp love a drop of the hard stuff! lol!
Im looking to get it all rolled around tuesday/wednesday and ill be knocking it out at 7 a kg, Ill also do some jars of matching shelf life pop ups for 3 on request.
I know one or two of you fish the runs waters this time of year and I reckon this will be just the job for those but in truth theres no reason why it wont work on a fishmeal water like tardy!

Give us a shout!



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