Winter Newsletter 09/10

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Winter Newsletter 09/10

Post by The Welshman on Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:32 am

For those who didn't receive it for whatever reason, or for those who are prospective members/lurkers on here, John H & Jim have sent me the latest newsletter that went out. Here it is, in all it's literary glory !!!

Tardebigge Anglers Quarterly Newsletter: Winter 2010

Hi everyone and a “Happy New Year” to all Tardebigge Anglers and their families. May your rods be regularly bent and your weigh slings regularly slimed up after yet another capture!

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate Tardebigge news is rather thin on the ground bearing in mind the horrendous freeze we’ve just endured and as such opportunities to angle both at the Res and elsewhere have been extremely limited. The last capture from the Res that I’m aware of was in early December when Keith mananged a 20 plus common from The Long on a freezing Sunday morning. He expertly extracted this from a spot I fished and baited the previous Thursday night! Such is life……

(Keith comment - I have no recollection of this matter, and if I'd have known about the aformentioned pre-baiting, I'd have put two rods on the spot !!!!)

If the thought of waiting for the depths of Tardebigge to warm up is driving you crazy and you’d like to get your string pulled before April then may I recommend Barston Lakes. Myself and Jim have been fishing there since Christmas. We’ve made three day trips and we’ve actually caught some carp! Jim’s had a 16 plus common and a pastie and I’ve had similar success with a pastie, 15 plus common and a January tench. Loud Lee joined us for the last visit and weighed in with a fish as well. If you fancy joining the Tarde crew on Saturdays we’ll be there for the next few weeks.

We held our first Bailiffs meeting of the New Year at The Cross the other night and as you might imagine the net was high on the agenda.
A number of carp are resident on the wrong side at the moment, partly due to initial problems with installation and excessive water levels in the spring of 2009. Russ has regularly inspected the net during the months since then and is confident it is soundly fixed to the lake bed in 99.9% of its length and floats effectively on the surface as water levels change. There may be an issue in a small section at the very bottom of the gulley where the stream bed is located. Further work will be carried out to inspect and if needed secure this small section. Russ is also purchasing some electro fishing equipment and this will be used to remove and return fish to the main body of the lake. This work will be carried out A.S.A.P. dependent on weather conditions, water levels and safety issues around diving to inspect the net. Like any new innovation the proof of its effectiveness or otherwise will not happen overnight. The net is under review and we would welcome your views as things unfold. Sorry no pun intended!

• Syndicate subs for the coming year 2010/11:

These are due from the beginning of February and must be paid up by 1st March. After that date Russ will offer places to those on the waiting list. The subs will remain at the same price as last year. That being £225 for existing members and £250 for new members.
Please contact Yvonne and Ollie at 5 Penmanor, tel. 01527 577608 ,before going over, to arrange a convenient time to pay and collect your membership cards, remember your passport photos!
Any issues or queries regarding subs please give Russ a ring on 07970318585.

• Work parties:

As I’m sure you’re aware we expect all syndicate members to attend at least one work party per year as part of their membership.
The next work party will be on the weekend of Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February. It’s also been posted by Keith on the website. Could you please let Russ, myself, Jim or Keith know if you are planning to attend on either or both of these days. “Many hands make light work” and we all benefit during our fishing throughout the year from fishery developments, improvements and maintenance. The main focus of the weekend will be swim rebuilding and access to the far bank.

• Bailiff team: Firstly a big thank you to Mark Walters,

who’s leaving the syndicate, his work on all our behalf has been much appreciated! Do keep in touch mate. New to the bailiff team this year will be Anthony, Davy and Daz and we thank them for offering their services. For full list of bailiffs, contact numbers etc. see website.

That’s all for now folks from John “silver Fox” Howard,
Jim “Top Rod” Gilbert, Russ and the rest of the bailiff team.

If you’d like particular issues addressed through this newsletter or items included please give me a call on 07876014089
or email me at:
Hopefully the Spring newsletter will be packed with catch reports!
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