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,Tardebigge Anglers Members Rules and Regulations
Updated 26.6.2010

1. All members must carry their membership card when at the water, fishing or not.
2. All members must be in possession of current E.A. Licenses.
3. A maximum of 3 rods to be used at any one time.
4. Minimum line strength 12lb carp, 15lb pike
5. Barbed hooks are recommended.
6. Unhooking mats must be carried at all times, including stalking, and be of sufficient size and design (please ask a bailiff if unsure). You must also have a container of water by the mat, weigh sling on the mat at the ready and a medicarp kit.
7. No sacking of fish!
8. No fixed lead rigs. Whether lead clip, inline, or chod the lead should detach with minimum force from the line in case of tackle being weeded or a cut off. Be thoughtful in your rig design. Bailiffs will advise and carry out rig checks, remember the carp are valuable to us all. Ignorance is not an excuse.
9. Peanuts are banned do not use them.
10. All other dry particles: nut, seed and pulse baits must be soaked, cooked and prepared properly.
11. Bait boats are allowed, please use them thoughtfully with consideration to other anglers and fish safety.
12. Only authorised boats may be used on the water. These may be used for moving gear, rescuing snagged fish and baiting up. Hookbaits must not be rowed out and dropped from a boat. Electric outboards may be used but no petrol engines under any circumstances. Once you have used the boat you may wish to move it out of your swim, as others may wish to use it and it could disrupt your fishing.
13. No swimming at any time.
14. If you use a boat you must wear a life jacket, no excuses and their use is entirely at your own risk. If you disregard this fundamental safety rule you will receive a permanent ban from the fishery. No questions asked.
15. No fires but barbies are allowed with care. They are not to be used on wooden stages.
16. Dogs are allowed but keep them under your control at all times. This is particularly important on the public access banks. Use a lead when necessary and clean up after them. If your dog becomes a nuisance to anglers, wildlife, other dogs or members of the public you will be instructed not to bring it to the fishery.
17. If using radios, TVs, DVD or CD players etc. please keep the volume down. Other members may not want to listen to them as well.
18. Do not dig banks or remove branches or trees without permission.
19. You will be responsible for any litter in your peg whether it is yours or not. Please take all rubbish home.
20. If you need to answer the call of nature, please do it discretely and hygienically.
21. All members must supply 2 passport photos with their first membership payment.
22. Membership fees are due on the 1st Feb. each year and paid up before the end of Feb. After this period your membership renewal may be forfeit.
23. All members must attend at least 1 work party a year as part of your membership.
24. No fees returnable under any circumstances.
25. Guest tickets are available at £15.00 per 24 hour period. They must be booked and paid for in advance through the office and be in the guest’s possession prior to fishing.
26. Juniors must be accompanied at all times.
27. Guests must be in possession of their ticket when on the bank and must be accompanied by the member who invited them at all times.
28. No rods to be left unattended once cast out at any time. If you want to go and see your mate several pegs away from your swim then wind in.
29. When fishing adjacent pegs you may continue fishing if you are socialising, sharing a meal etc. with the angler next to you as long as you are still in control of your rods.
30. This however only applies to certain swims. These are all swims on the dam wall and the canal bank, excluding the House peg. The other following swims may be seen as next door swims: The Drop off and the Bog; the Caravan and The Front; Russ’s and Mallins; The Beach and The Island; Dennis’s and the Gully. When fishing the following swims you must stay in the swim to be in full control of your rods: The House; The Pylons; The Corner; The Tench; Stoney Island; The Long Runway; The Short Runway and The Net. This also applies to any stalking situation.
31. If you occupy a swim you may leave the water with your gear still set up for a maximum of 5 hours unless prior arrangements have been made with the bailiffs or in case of an emergency in which case contact needs to be made with Russ, Martin, The Office or a bailiff.
32. The car park is only for anglers in possession of a current permit and car parking pass which must be displayed on the vehicle at all times.
33. All keys must be returned on the finishing your membership.

All our Tardebigge rules have been drawn up purely for the benefit of the anglers and the welfare of the fish. Remember we are all responsible for our actions when on the fishery and rules will be applied with common sense and fairness.
However all disciplinary matters will be dealt with by a bailiffs committee, which you can attend should you wish, but their decision will be final.

These rules were revised after a meeting of Russ and the bailiff Team. They are subject to review periodically or if circumstances change such as the introduction of the pike stock.

Jim Gilbert is drafting a separate set of rules for pike fishing based on his experience and your views. These will be shared and discussed at the meeting on 30.6.2010. They will then be finalised and distributed to all members prior to the start of the “Pike Season”

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