Swim closures, Urgent message please read!

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Swim closures, Urgent message please read!

Post by silver fox on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:46 pm

Russ rang me earlier this afternoon. He's at the lake and has asked me to tell all members that until further notice both Stoney Island and the Stalking swim between the Island and Long Runway swims are not to be fished from a fish welfare point of view. Fish losses do occur but we've had an increasing issue with this so far this year and obviously it's a particular problem in certain swims. We will be cutting back the pads etc. but you can also play your part by being extra careful. Be sure your line is in tip top condition. Check your rigs can easily drop the lead and the hook is sharp. Have a medicarp kit with you and use it as required. If you're fishing a swim with pads, heavy weed etc. You must have access to a boat and be ready to use it to free a fish. Don't heave from the bank. If you're not confident you can fish a swim efficiently and with fish welfare in mind. ie. have you got at least a 60% chance of success, then don't fish there. We will keep you informed on the swim situation and will discuss this issue further at a meeting in the near future. We all have a responsibility to the fish we angle for to treat them with respect. Any further queries ring myself on 07876014089 or Russ on 07970318585.
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