Living the dream at 3 Iles

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Living the dream at 3 Iles

Post by silver fox on Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:34 pm

In the early hours of Friday 2nd Sept. Russ and I set out from Redditch for our weeks fishing at 3 Iles, a 67 acre gravel pit east of Paris. This was my third visit to the water and Russ's second so we thought we knew what to expect? We'd had success there before but nothing can prepare you for the week we had in store. I took my new mascot "Ozzie Owl" courtesy of Jimbo but would he do the business?

We were set up in the swim by late Friday afternoon and started to bait up ready for a 3pm cast off on Saturday afternoon. 24 hours later, after a good night's sleep and 8kg of Lucky 13 fed into the swim and we were ready for the off!
Between 3.30 and 6.25pm we'd put 5 carp on the bank and the rest as they say is history.

Thirsty work this hauling

First to the scales

My turn now

Russ doing it on water

sunset on Saturday evening

The scene was set for a season's fishing in one week, or so it seemed.
here's the stats:
Carp landed, 84, 41 to me and 43 to Russ, average of 12 carp every 24 hours
88kg of lucky 13 used, roughly 1kg per fish
2 fifties, 8 forties, 18 thirties and a shed load of twenties.

Still can't quite get our heads round that but every picture tells a story and here's our top ten fish of the week in chronological order of capture:

Monday 6.20pm new pb common 46lb 4oz

Monday 7.45 pm 41lb 140z common, a brace of 40lb commons!

Monday 8.00pm 43lb 12oz mirror

Tuesday 11.55 am New pb, 49lb 60z mirror

Tuesday 6.40pm 45lb 8oz mirror

Wednesday 12.00 noon 51lb 8oz mirror

Friday 8.15am 43lb common

Saturday 12.30am 52lb 8oz common

Saturday 2.15am 44lb 4oz mirror

Saturday 7.15am 44lb mirror

So there we have it.
Hope you all enjoy the post as much as i did putting it together.
A big thank you to Russ for putting up with me for a week!
To Mike "Lucky 13" Wilkes of "Blackmarket baits" for supplying the carp grub
To Dean of "Coventry Carp Leads" for supplying the casting and hooking weights.
I'm still chasing that first 50 plus, maybe next year, we'll see.
Tight lines to all Tardebigge Anglers where ever you dangle!

silver fox

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Re: Living the dream at 3 Iles

Post by The Welshman on Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:51 pm

WOW !! WOW !!! WOW !!!

Fantastic pictures both. Some real LOL pics there. That scenic shot is awesome.

That 51lb 8oz mirror Russ has is an absolute belter.

Russ's new hair needs some explanation though !!! Very Happy Razz cheers (I'm going to regret that !! LOL !!!)

The Welshman

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Re: Living the dream at 3 Iles

Post by carpsy04 on Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:57 pm

What a week boyz the one of you wrestling with your new pb John is funny and that mirror of Russ's in the water is a cracker it seems like a fantastic venue with some fabulous looking carp glad you both a had a great week good company and big fish to boot, lovely wright up John thanks for putting the pictures up for all to see.

Simon Very Happy

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Re: Living the dream at 3 Iles

Post by swimmers_mate on Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:59 pm

Like keith said WOW!

It's fair to say i am speachless and that doesnt happen very often!

The 50lb mirror of russ's is one of the most stunning creatures i've seen in years of fishing!

Congratulations both on an amazing weeks fishing!

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Re: Living the dream at 3 Iles

Post by Lucky-13 on Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:45 pm

WOW! Amazing result fellas!! That place just gets better and better! A real jewel in the French crown but I can reveal it wasn't all plain sailing for them as just prior to them leaving my name must have been well and truelly MUD! Let's just say I was a tad behind on the rolling but by 10 o clock (2 hours before they were due to set off for Dover) it was panic over as I screeched up the bypass fully laden with 80kg of "carp crack" in the boot and I pulled into John's drive to be greeted by two very relieved but excited carp anglers! I recall doing this to them before when I was late delivering the beef burgers for the BBQ!! (Sorry guys) Embarassed Still, better late than never and a richly deservered reward for all the effort you make year after year. You have definitely got the hang of this French carping lark!

PS: I love the picture of Russ casually swigging his tea as he leans back into a fish that's probably bigger than anything I have ever come within miles of...... and I love the Sheffield Wednesday owl! What was it Bill Cottam wrote in his book John?......."Through thin and thinner!" LOL Well it certainly comes up trumps beside a fishing lake if not on the football pitch!!

Top anglin'



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Re: Living the dream at 3 Iles

Post by coventrycarpleads on Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:43 pm

Congratulations guys an absolutely awesome weeks angling glad the leads were up to it some great pictures there Very Happy

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Re: Living the dream at 3 Iles

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