A Winter's Tale, New Year Update

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A Winter's Tale, New Year Update

Post by silver fox on Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:29 pm

As I mentioned in my last post I did intend, weather pernitting ie Tarde not frozen, to carry on fishing mid week over nighters out of Dennis's into the new year. I've been fishing Wednesdays with a trickle of bait going in prior to fishing. So far the results have been similar with an average of a carp on the bank every other trip.

Here's the update:
Wed. 4th January, low double figure common, but messed up on the photos.

Wed. 11th January, 19lb 4oz mirror. Looks like it could be a mirror, simmo cross spawned in the Res.

Wednesday 18th January, a blank night

Wednesday 25th January, 24lb 6oz common to me. Rob Pugh was fishing from the Long and he had an 18lb 8oz common. The weather was perfect blowing a hooli but two carp out on a late January night was special.

Wednesday 1st February, blanked but dropped run at 5.30am which ripped off but the fish was off before I picked the rod up. Down to minus 6 so well pleased to get any action!

As I write this post we've just had the first severe snap of winter and possibly the first ice cap on the Res of the year. Will pop up tomorrow and see if it's still frozen. Can't say if the action will continue but I'll keep at it now into the spring ice permitting. Will keep you posted at the end of February as we'll be into a new Tarde season in March!
This winter fishing has certainly turned my season round and I've now had 13 runs and 11 carp landed since mid November.
Maybe we'll have a few more mad winter anglers at the Res in 2012?
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Re: A Winter's Tale, New Year Update

Post by carpsy04 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:34 am

Again John very well done fella glad you've been putting the time in and getting the results you deserve Tarde is hard at the best of time, just goes to show that just a little effort to get what you want, most people would say the res shuts down in winter and your proving it doesn't. Keep it up John the next one may be a real whacker!!!!!


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