Thanks - The Social Meeting

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Thanks - The Social Meeting

Post by The Welshman on Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:20 am

A quick note to say thanks to all who attended. We hope you had a good night, and that it was interesting for everyone.

Special thanks to Dean for generously donating two large bags of leads for the raffle and to Wychwood for providing some cracking raffle prizes. Much appreciated.

Key points:

Etiquette - (1) Ask an angler where his rods are before you move in next to them and don't mess each other's fishing up - use common sense (2) think about other anglers when using the boat to transport your gear and move the boat out of your swim once you've use it (3) don't bait up at the end of a session, or the night before a session, if other anglers are on the lake

Fishcare - we expect to see an unhooking mat, weigh sling and a bucket of water set up before rods are cast out.

(c) New rule - All captures are to be reported to me, either via text or e-mail, including type (mirror/common), date of capture and weight. Photos - one of each side are to be e-mailed/texted to me within 3 days of you finishing the session. No photos will be published on the website until at least a month after the capture. The reasoning behind this rule is fishery management. We don't know how many carp are in Tardebigge any more, given the successful spawnings of 8+ years, so we now want to keep a record of each fish, growth rate etc. This information will be shared with the membership, so it benefits everyone, and gives us a good source of info for target fish etc.

My e-mail address is and my mobile number is (07818) 704187 for sending pics to.

The money from the raffle will be put towards the summer BBQ. Details of this are yet to be announced, but it's fair to say that last years' BBQ was a blast.

Thanks again - and if anyone's got any questions, please feel free to call me.

If anyone's got a good hangover cure, please share with the group !!! Very Happy


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