Fishery Rules Update 16.4.2012

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Fishery Rules Update 16.4.2012

Post by silver fox on Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:03 pm

The fishery rules including carp and pike were updated on 16.4.2012. Members who attended our meeting and social event at The Cross on 20.4.2012 received printed copies on the night. All other members will receive the update by email and printed copies will be available from Yvonne Guise at 2 Penmanor and myself, Keith and Jim on the bank.

Main rule changes/ amendments are:
Carp Rules 7 & 8 and Pike Rule 1

Rule 7 now states:
No sacking of fish! Therefore if you want a photograph of you holding your capture we recommend a self take set up. This should be set up prior to fishing so the whole process from landing, unhooking, weighing and photographing the fish can be quick, safe and efficient. Photographs may be taken by the angler at an adjacent swim as long as they are still in control of their rods. If in doubt fish welfare must come first and it must be returned after a mat shot or without photo. (see bailiffs if you need advice on self take photography and equipment.)

Rule 8 now states:
All carp caught are to be reported by all our members to the Fishery Records Officer within 3 days of completing your fishing session. Include weight, photo if possible ( a mat shot is fine), date of capture, and/or description of fish. The captures will be recorded immediately but not published on our website until at least one month after capture.
Eg. March captures will be published in May, April captures will be published in June and so on. Individual members may choose to publish their captures in our Catch Reports section at their own discretion.
Recording captures is essential for the management and welfare of carp stocks, publishing is of interest and news value to our members.

Keith Jones has been appointed "Tardebigge Fishery Records Officer" and it will be his role to collate catch reports and publish them in accordance with rule 8.
Keith's discretion in these matters can be relied upon.
His contact details are by email:, mobile 07818704187

Rule 1 (Pike Rules) now states:
The pike fishing season runs from 1st November until the 30th April each fishing year.

All our Tardebigge rules have been drawn up purely for the benefit of the anglers and the welfare of the fish.
It is your responsibility to be aware of and familiar with all our rules. Carry a set with you.
The current rules will be re-dsitributed to all members after amendments ASAP.

John Howard, Head Bailiff

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