A carp was trapped behind the net on the private bank

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A carp was trapped behind the net on the private bank

Post by silver fox on Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:16 pm

Rob Pugh fishing the Island Swim this morning alerted us to a carp trapped behind the net to the right of his swim and the Long Runway. Water levels at the Res have just risen by over a foot in the last 24 hours and therefore a large body of water is currently behing that net. However as the water level drops again this fish and any others which may be present would be stranded and/or at risk from preditors such as mink. This morning I have lowered a section of this net allowing fish to pass in and out of this body of water. It must remain lowered for as long as the water level is high. As soon as the water drops over the next few weeks below the net level the net will be put back in place and re adjusted. Please do not move the net during this period.
Thank you Rob for alerting us so promptly to this issue.
All our carp are important to us and members must report any issues such as this immediately.

John Howard, Head Bailiff
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