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PACT meeting

Post by silver fox on Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:07 pm

Myself and Simon Mottram attended the latest PACT meeting "Partners & communities Together" on Tuesday 3rd July at Tardebigge Church Hall to represent our syndicate. The PACT meetings are chaired by the local Police and are an open community forum where local issues can be aired and two priorities chosen for action over the coming weeks. We went to the meeting to represent our concerns regarding both the anti social behaviour and our concerns for related health & safety issues, particularly swimming in the Res. Local PCSO John Tilt chaired the meeting and explained the progress to date which has currently been made since I reported the drinking, anti social behaviour, discarded bottles and litter over one night during the late March heatwave.
Progress to date includes:
Member awareness of new Police 101 telephone number for reporting non emergency incidents
Regular Police Patrols at the Res
Police key access to our car park when patrolling or for access to an incident
CPSO John Tilt recently met with a British Waterways representative to discuss the issues around swimming in the Res,
particularly after drinking alcohol, and the potential for fatality. British Waterways agreed to replace old no swimming signage and add new larger signs on the white posts on the dam wall and canal banks.

Simon and I reported to the meeting our concerns about the previous incidents, including the time Simon was attacked by the dogs used by youths as an attack weopon, and the brilliant response we had from the Police call out in that emergency situation.

To cut a long story short our concerns received a sympathetic response from the other members of the public present and at the end of the meeting Tardebigge Reservoir Anti Social Behaviour Issues was agreed as one of the two prioties for Police action over the coming months and a progress report will be given at the next PACT meeting.

Attending the meeting means we now have a voice within the local community and a recognised priority on dealing with issues as they arise but more importantly proactively deterring the sort of behaviour we all want stopped. Please be aware we are now in a partnership situation with the Police and do introduce yourself to John Tilt and his colleagues when on patrol at the Res. Use your discretion in when to ask for Police support by phoning 101 but if you feel intimidated or threatened by the behaviour of this small minority of the public who see the Res as a place they can indulge themselves at our expense don't hesitate to dial 101 and ask for assistance from the police. Over time we should start to see the issues we've been experiencing at the Res become less frequent.
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Re: PACT meeting

Post by carpsy04 on Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:19 pm

Well this is very good news John hopfully the issues will stop and we can all feal safe again and enjoy the hobby we all love thank for the info John

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