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Post by The Welshman on Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:25 am

Hello All

This is a quick note to apologise for not being on here/down the Res much for the past couple of months. I started a new job in December, and it is taking over my life. I haven't been fishing for over a month as I type this, so that tells you how bad it is.

I have received some photos from the members, and thanks for that. However, I haven't received on since the start of this month. Either that means nothing's been caught, or my lack of "keeping on top of this" has been seen as there's nothing happening on this front.

I'll make some time to post up the captures I've been informed of later this week. Please - if you have been catching, and haven't had the time etc to send them to me - e-mail them across to me at and I will sort this out.


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