The Pike season re-opens on 1st November!

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The Pike season re-opens on 1st November!

Post by silver fox on Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:02 pm

I'm sure a number of our members are looking forward to the start of our Piking season at Tarde which is now only a few weeks away. Remember our pike rules state that the season runs from November 1st to 30th April as we agreed when our rules were last updated on 16.4.2012. So it's a full 6 months pike fishing ahead for all you predator fans. We now have a separate list of pike rules and you need to be familiar with them in the same way as you would be for our carp fishing. Carry your rules with you at all times when fishing Tarde and be sure to adhere to and be familiar with them. Pike, although a fierce predator in the water, need confident but careful handling on the bank so be sure you're fully prepared before attempting to fish for them. We do have experienced pike anglers amongst our ranks such as Russ, Jim and Dean and they'll be only too happy to offer their help and advice. Let's hope after 6 months feeding up on prey fish that a mid 20 might be a possibility this winter? Time will tell!

p.s. Rules were circulated to all members when last updated. However should you need a new copy Yvonne has sets at the office or you can email me for a set at: I'll also carry extra copies with me when I'm up the Res.

Tight lines,
John Howard
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