IMPORTANT: Fishcare Equipment - Expectations

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IMPORTANT: Fishcare Equipment - Expectations

Post by The Welshman on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:42 am


Hope you're well - and raring to bag a few of Tarde's residents, now the warmer weather is starting to appear and the old place is waking up.

A reminder for older members and a head's up for new members.......

We expect that an adequate unhooking mat, weigh sling and water bucket (filled) is in place and ready for use - before a rod is cast into Tardebigge. Up against your bivvy, or inside your bivvy is not acceptable. It takes no time at all to put a mat, weigh sling and a bucket of water out prior to starting your session.

If you have any questions regards what is considered "adequate", please have a chat to John H, Jim, Simon M or myself.

With strong winds and sunnier weather, there is nothing worse for a carp than to be left on a dry, unsafe unhooking mat, whilst the captor then panics and dashes around for their equipment to weigh and photo the fish.

The carp in the Res are getting larger - not that this makes any difference - and we all want them to be returned with the minimum of harm and ready for the next angler to catch. If anyone is found to not have this most basic of fishcare equipment out and rods in the water, they will have a corner of their ticket clipped. Second time will result in a temporary ban. No excuses are acceptable.

As stated - if you have any questions - PLEASE ask one of the bailiffs.
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