Poor show.

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Poor show.

Post by Longcast on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:08 am

It's a poor show at the work party, in fact it's a no show apart from the people that fished last night. I understand some people are busy but for not one member to turn up is a very sad thing.


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Re: Poor show.

Post by silver fox on Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:57 am

I was unable to attend on Saturday myself but did send my apologies. However when I turned up on Sunday morning I was amazed when Simon told me that not one member had turned up for the work party on Saturday and no other apologies were received as far as I'm aware. We all lead busy lives as Simon mentioned but common courtesy costs nothing. Thanks to our new members James, Matt and Josh who gave up their fishing time on Saturday to help Martin, Jack, Bones and Simon and carried on into Sunday. I know they strimmed all the access paths along the private bank as well as supporting the other work carried out. On Sunday a few members did attend along with myself so a big thanks to Simon Woodall, Mick and John Maycroft, Daz and Dave Eckleston for giving of their time and effort. We were able to do a limited amount of work carrying on from Saturday and the Gully platform has been removed and when the water level comes back up the Gully will now be fishable from the bank after the removal of selected tree branches around the peg. We also cleared much of the dead trees behind the net in the gully. Quite where we go with work parties from here I'm not sure but I know Russ and Martin will be looking into this for the future.
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