Stalky's at it again.

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Stalky's at it again.

Post by The Welshman on Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:16 am

The Stoke lad's at it again. Apparently, he had the mosaic common, off the top (natch) yesterday, and had the temerity to complain that it's down in weight at 25s.

I think we should (a) give him a good kicking lol! (because we're jealous) (b) fast forward the season, so that this floater fishing malarkey doesn't work and (c) instead of the yellow "Top Rod" jersey, I reckon he should wear the "Top Rod" leather choker and gimp mask.

All those in favour, say "aye" !!!!

Only joking Stokey, we love you really
The Welshman

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