Davvy's Mirror This Morning @ 28lb 8ozs

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Davvy's Mirror This Morning @ 28lb 8ozs

Post by The Welshman on Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:21 am

Just done three nights on the Res. First time in a while, and it was nice to be back, bar the dog walkers.

Had a good social with Deaks both nights, and the Chef joined us last night.

Anyway - had a weird take at 7.15 this morning, which resulted in an old mate putting in an appearance. Davvy's at 28lb 8ozs. It's the fourth time I've had her in the last 5 years, but very welcome all the same.

A balanced 13 bottom bait, cut to 2/3rds size, and a third of a Cell pop up did the trick.

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Re: Davvy's Mirror This Morning @ 28lb 8ozs

Post by Longcast on Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:16 pm

Nice one mate. Looks like a mint fish. The big ones are on the munch


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