Regular Police Patrols at the Res

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Regular Police Patrols at the Res

Post by silver fox on Tue May 29, 2012 7:56 am

As part of our campaign to deal with incidents of anti social behaviour at the Res we are looking towards good liaison with the local police as a preventative measure. Police have attended at the Res twice in the last few days and their very presence has already, no doubt, sent a wave of messages and tweets around the social networking of the teenagers who were moved on. I spoke to John Tilt our local PCSO who attended the Res on patrol yesterday and gave him chapter and verse on the problems we've recently experienced. He's very sympathetic to our views and I now have a direct email line of communication with him. The Res has now been prioritised for regular patrols each week and these have already commenced. Do speak to John and his colleagues as they are extremely approachable and on our side. As we know recent incidents have tended to coincide with the two periods of hot sunny weather but we obviously need to vigilant at all times and report any minor incidents to myself or other members of the bailiff team. These will then be logged and passed on to John Tilt. More serious anti social behaviour when you're fishing then don't hesitate to ring the 101 number to report these and request a police visit to deal with the incident. Myself, Russell and Simon Motram will also be attending a PACT meeting "Police And Community Together" meeting in early July to raise our concerns over the recent problems but also point out the general awareness surrounding the Res as a peaceful haven for wildlife which can be enjoyed responsibly both by ourselves and other members of the public. Also that alcohol consumed in large quantities on hot summer evenings combined with deep water and possible attempts to swim could lead to a real tragedy. Certainly it's fair to say that we are making progress to tackle these issues and local teenagers and other members of the public who have recently regarded the Res and its surrounding area as a place they can "do as we want" without any comeback will see that things are changing quickly. Do make sure you play your part as a responsible member of our syndicate. If you feel uncomfortable with what's going on around you don't hesitate to point out politely why said person's behaviour is not acceptable and its effect on your fishing. Report incidents if you feel it's appropriate to myself or other bailiffs but if you feel directly threatened, or intimidated by events ring the 101 number and ask for the Police to attend. Avoid confrontation where ever possible and allow the Police to do their job in partneship with our syndicate. I'm confident over the course of the next few weeks that the Res will once again become a peaceful environment in which to fish but we must all play our part.
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