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Post by The Welshman on Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:39 am

Hi lads

Over the past month or so, I've caught (twice) a group of four young lads, spinning for pike/perch up the Res. They are not members, and are effectively poaching. I've been "nice" with them so far, and generally told them to leave, and go and fish the canal. The first time, I even told them about membership, and that they should put their names down for when they are old enough. They are all about 13/14 years old, and generally are on mountain bikes.

Mike texted me this morning to say they were back up there again today, and got a bit chopsy with Mike and Ollie, when they told them they're not allowed to fish the Res.

Just want you to have a heads up and if you see them, they've had warnings before (they've now had 3 warnings), so please tell them in no uncertain terms to "do one", as they are now taking the piss.

If I see them up there again, sneaking around, they will get very short shrift off me, as they have completely ignored what I've told them. They're generally up the bay area, and I caught them around the back once also.

And to the four young lads, as I know you read this forum - please do not fish the Res, as you'll have you gear confiscated and given to an Environment Agency bailiff if I catch you up there again, as I doubt you've got rod licences.


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